PopWorks Africa e-Learning Platform: Spring 2020

PopWorks Africa e-Learning Platform: Spring 2020


Are you ready to further interrogate the way you discuss, develop and implement global development interventions? Then sign up to join the PopWorks Africa e-learning cohort before February 15, 2020!

What is the e-learning platform?
A curated package of digital resources, reflection exercises + exclusive podcast episodes intended to unpack questions of race, privilege, and how the colonial hangover is impacting the global aid/charity sector. Our first "Fall semester" cohort of e-learners will begin in September 2019 until December 2019

What will e-learners receive each month?

  1. Exclusive opinion pieces dissecting ideologies guiding the international development sector written by either Stephanie A. Kimou (Founder of PopWorks Africa) or one of our amazing advisors/thought partners. 

  2. Digital resources (articles, podcast episodes, videos, etc) which will help interrogate + re-evaluate the way we engage with philanthropy, international aid, or global development in Africa. 

  3. Reflection exercise linked to that month's package of digital resources. These exercises will allow you to critically unpack how race, privilege, and colonization are impacting your work in development. 

  4. Exclusive podcast episode intended to review + discuss that month's theme hosted by Stephanie Kimou, featuring special guests! 

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