We are committed to amplifying diversity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives in international development.


To do this, we have developed a menu of services for your organization, agency, or Foundation:

Decolonizing Development Workshop:

A one day experience intended to jumpstart conversations for international development organizations who seek to prioritize diversity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives internally and externally. The workshop currently covers:

  • Defining, identifying, and disabling problematic structures of privilege in international development

  • Defining, identifying, and disabling racial stereotypes in programming, fundraising, & operations

  • Making space for true inclusion: How is leadership going to relinquish power in order to create an enabling environment for authentic and open solutions

Decolonizing Development Lecture:

A two hour participatory lecture + Q&A session intended to introduce concepts of race, privilege, and the colonial hangover in international development. Similar to a university lecture, there will be opportunities to ask questions and even engage in group work with other participants.

Decolonizing Development Presentation:

A one hour presentation to introduce the concepts behind the decolonization of international development. Intended to give a brief overview for audiences who are just starting to think of how race + privilege show up in the development sector.

Interested in any of the above services? Contact us here!